To Act or Not to Act?

Many Christian traditions direct us to “die to self” and that we should consider ourselves nothing more than worms under God’s feet…  I’ve always thought that was so odd!  We are awesomely and wondrously made.  God doesn’t make junk.  Ever.  Not even worms are junk–they help create rich soil in which we can grow food.   

I had this conversation with God last year around this time: 

So, if we are not worms beneath Thy feet, Lord, then how do we extol Thy greatness?  You have led me to understand that humans were not made to be subservient.  Rather we are partners in action, humans Being the embodiment of Thy intention (human + being).  Indeed, we are precious co-heirs with Jesus, the Christ.  AND we have free will to act or not. 

I have found that being in alignment with You, listening to Thy will and intentions for me or for another, can become second nature — no, rather, it can become our entire nature!  The blessings and benefits of acting on Your behalf is beyond imaginings, so great is the recompense of such an alignment.  I can see that all requests and guidance from You are for my highest good, limited only by the highest level of blessing which I am able to receive.

Humans are fundamentally good (we are made in Thy image!) and long to experience being whole.  Knowing we are always, all ways inside Your Love, and certain in our connection to our Source, our tender hearts soar.   So then, to not act, as is our right through free will, does not lead to punishment but rather to the consequences of disconnection from being in alignment with You.  If we consider that sin (as the archery term is defined) means being “off the mark,” then, not acting when we know we have been asked to do so is sin… not in a punitive way, but in a “correct your aim” way.

Isn’t our Creator marvelous?!

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Acceptance is NOT agreement or approval

I have been putting away from me the idea that I have accepted the biological fact that I have cancer in my body.  It seems if I accept it, then I am agreeing to be ill, to be in jeopardy of dying, to surrender to a foul disease.

None of that is true.  Acceptance is merely and completely facing facts.  I don’t like that it has happened to my body. I don’t like the process of destroying my cells to get it out of my body.  I don’t like the uncertainty that it may not be gone for good. I don’t like looking at the part I had in allowing my body to become weakened from inactivity and sloppy eating to the point it could not fight off cancer in the first place. 

I have so many conversations about why, how, and what if running through my mind that is it exhausting, irritating, and saddening.  I want to ignore it all, avoid it all.  Yet the conversations persist.  And so I listen to what they are trying to teach me. I believe everything is for a reason (I always have).  These conversations are not simply occurring to annoy or pester me. I have been listening deeply for the wisdom God is imparting, knowing if I can truly be present, I will be deeply changed forever. 

I know this disease was not caused in order for me to learn, but rather it is for me to take the opportunity within the circumstances to expand my life, learning, and wisdom.  I have distinguished between acceptance, agreement, and approval.  I am a tenacious woman, and I do not surrender easily.  I have, however, surrendered to learning all I can while going through this process.  I have surrendered to care for my body with a high level of maintenance, and in this practice, learn to connect and listen for what serves my body.  With this comes changing my daily lifestyle in a way that sustains health and well-being into my future.

And through it all, I am listening for wisdom.

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Being in the Presence

Being in the Presence is what keeps me jazzed about God.  It makes me happy, excited, enthusiastic, awed, and encouraged. It keeps me jazzed. Unless a person has experienced the Presence of the Spirit of God, it sounds like New Age voo-doo.  It is really a life changing occurence that, once experienced, you are drawn to encounter, long for, again and again. 

If someone has never experienced it, they may have a hard time tracking what it means or even believing that it exists (or that it is possible only for holy people, not for them).   

The distinction of being in The Presence also has distinctions within it. A brilliant facilitator at a course I was in called the Presence “the third entity.”  He did that to keep religion out of it so people could more readily accept the concept.  He wanted to demonstrate what was possible within community.  The 3rd entity enters the mix of a community of people who are aligned with an intended purpose (not outcome) and raises their awareness and their perceived probable outcomes above and beyond what was thought possible — expanded thinking, expanded understanding, genius-level brainstorming of ideas (revelation, really) — and their minds will never go back to its original size once it is expanded with the power of the encounter with the 3rd entity.

This happens in meetings, classrooms, workshops, conferences, and church.  It is God moving with and through His people, whether they perceive it as that or not.  Then there’s the personal, private experience of you in communion with the Holy Spirit.  It doesn’t always happen on bended knee or during night time prayers.  It can happen in reflection or contemplation of an issue or problem or even a theological / philosophical concept.  Here, The Presence provides the same effects as above, but it is just you and God.  Then there’s the times when you’re with someone that needs care and prayer, and you call in the Holy Spirit to be Present with the two of you, to energize healing of their spirit, emotions, body, mind.  It could also be called in to lift the thinking, the minds, to a realm of revelation.  Then there’s the Presence as God’s example of how to be with another.  That is what people may relate to most easily, but it is really only a smaller part of what’s possible, even though it is important to learn and demonstrate.

Being in the Presence is beautiful and accessible!

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Loving God

I’ve been thinking about the Love of God. The love that is sung about and declared from the pulpit. It is curious to me that I can observe His mercy and grace all around me, demonstrations of His love to everyone, and specifically me in my daily life. I always have money for bills and food. I have a cute, healthy car. All of my relatives are physically well and hearty. My dog is ecstatic when I come home… all these touch my heart, allowing me to see how well I am taken care of — grace and mercy.

Still, I miss actually feeling Love in my emotions from God. I see that others have that experience. Many who I admire have a beautiful emotional knowing of God loving them. I know what it feels like to love another with the depths of my heart, and while I love God, I don’t feel it much. Gushes of gratitude, yes. But “Oh, how I LOVE you, God!” is not there. Is that completely blasphemous?

I want to feel it… and also want to feel God loving me. If I can feel how my dog loves me, then why can’t I feel how God loves me? This is a gap that I intend to explore and close in the near future. I pray to feel God’s love, and to feel love for God. Nothing yet. I’ll let you know how it’s going.

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Welcome to my blog

This is my first blog, after a month of reading support topics and trying out themes that fit.

So, I have cancer.  I don’t want this blog to be about cancer.  That will be in another blog called “Growth through cancer” where I will post the process that has come out of this challenging and serious health issue.

This blog will be about ideas, concepts, insights, and distinctions that I have pouring through my brain, and hopefully, will offer some wisdom that has come with age and experiences.

Visit again for MUCH more interesting conversations!

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