Loving God

I’ve been thinking about the Love of God. The love that is sung about and declared from the pulpit. It is curious to me that I can observe His mercy and grace all around me, demonstrations of His love to everyone, and specifically me in my daily life. I always have money for bills and food. I have a cute, healthy car. All of my relatives are physically well and hearty. My dog is ecstatic when I come home… all these touch my heart, allowing me to see how well I am taken care of — grace and mercy.

Still, I miss actually feeling Love in my emotions from God. I see that others have that experience. Many who I admire have a beautiful emotional knowing of God loving them. I know what it feels like to love another with the depths of my heart, and while I love God, I don’t feel it much. Gushes of gratitude, yes. But “Oh, how I LOVE you, God!” is not there. Is that completely blasphemous?

I want to feel it… and also want to feel God loving me. If I can feel how my dog loves me, then why can’t I feel how God loves me? This is a gap that I intend to explore and close in the near future. I pray to feel God’s love, and to feel love for God. Nothing yet. I’ll let you know how it’s going.

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