Being in the Presence

Being in the Presence is what keeps me jazzed about God.  It makes me happy, excited, enthusiastic, awed, and encouraged. It keeps me jazzed. Unless a person has experienced the Presence of the Spirit of God, it sounds like New Age voo-doo.  It is really a life changing occurence that, once experienced, you are drawn to encounter, long for, again and again. 

If someone has never experienced it, they may have a hard time tracking what it means or even believing that it exists (or that it is possible only for holy people, not for them).   

The distinction of being in The Presence also has distinctions within it. A brilliant facilitator at a course I was in called the Presence “the third entity.”  He did that to keep religion out of it so people could more readily accept the concept.  He wanted to demonstrate what was possible within community.  The 3rd entity enters the mix of a community of people who are aligned with an intended purpose (not outcome) and raises their awareness and their perceived probable outcomes above and beyond what was thought possible — expanded thinking, expanded understanding, genius-level brainstorming of ideas (revelation, really) — and their minds will never go back to its original size once it is expanded with the power of the encounter with the 3rd entity.

This happens in meetings, classrooms, workshops, conferences, and church.  It is God moving with and through His people, whether they perceive it as that or not.  Then there’s the personal, private experience of you in communion with the Holy Spirit.  It doesn’t always happen on bended knee or during night time prayers.  It can happen in reflection or contemplation of an issue or problem or even a theological / philosophical concept.  Here, The Presence provides the same effects as above, but it is just you and God.  Then there’s the times when you’re with someone that needs care and prayer, and you call in the Holy Spirit to be Present with the two of you, to energize healing of their spirit, emotions, body, mind.  It could also be called in to lift the thinking, the minds, to a realm of revelation.  Then there’s the Presence as God’s example of how to be with another.  That is what people may relate to most easily, but it is really only a smaller part of what’s possible, even though it is important to learn and demonstrate.

Being in the Presence is beautiful and accessible!

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