To Act or Not to Act?

Many Christian traditions direct us to “die to self” and that we should consider ourselves nothing more than worms under God’s feet…  I’ve always thought that was so odd!  We are awesomely and wondrously made.  God doesn’t make junk.  Ever.  Not even worms are junk–they help create rich soil in which we can grow food.   

I had this conversation with God last year around this time: 

So, if we are not worms beneath Thy feet, Lord, then how do we extol Thy greatness?  You have led me to understand that humans were not made to be subservient.  Rather we are partners in action, humans Being the embodiment of Thy intention (human + being).  Indeed, we are precious co-heirs with Jesus, the Christ.  AND we have free will to act or not. 

I have found that being in alignment with You, listening to Thy will and intentions for me or for another, can become second nature — no, rather, it can become our entire nature!  The blessings and benefits of acting on Your behalf is beyond imaginings, so great is the recompense of such an alignment.  I can see that all requests and guidance from You are for my highest good, limited only by the highest level of blessing which I am able to receive.

Humans are fundamentally good (we are made in Thy image!) and long to experience being whole.  Knowing we are always, all ways inside Your Love, and certain in our connection to our Source, our tender hearts soar.   So then, to not act, as is our right through free will, does not lead to punishment but rather to the consequences of disconnection from being in alignment with You.  If we consider that sin (as the archery term is defined) means being “off the mark,” then, not acting when we know we have been asked to do so is sin… not in a punitive way, but in a “correct your aim” way.

Isn’t our Creator marvelous?!

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